Friday, 2 October 2015

Must and Lust

Hey guys! Happy October!

I am so so so happy its autumn, its my favourite season! 

My must this week is the burberry inspired blanket cape! This is its second outing and I don't see them going out of style any time soon!!! Who doesn't want to go out with their blanket wrapped around one ever! They are so simple and so so cute! I am in love! They can just make any outfit and are perfect for those days where you want to stay cosy and chic at the same time!

I am going to do a style of the day wearing my cape soon but in the mean time I am really liking this one from accessorize

But my current big lust is down to a top show of mine "house of DVF" its on a Monday on E! at 8pm and is amazing!! She currently keeps wearing her reversible parka which is to die for!

Friday, 25 September 2015

7 Autumn Favourites

1. Culottes 

I am obsessed with culottes they are fun, easy to wear and super super comfy!! I have 3 pairs and I team them with light knits, shirts and blouses. I also wear them from day to night! Definitely my go to! They are great for autumn (or fall) because they are great with tights and heeled ankle boots. I highly recommend wearing them with a heel as they cut off in the middle of your shin which can make your legs appear shorter and wider! 

I have suggested two pairs here, one from Zara and one from topshop. 

The Zara ones are edgy and cool as they are faux leather and are just £25.99!!! Can't believe it either! And these pastel pink from Topshop are super girly and feminine and are £40.00


2. Return of the coats 

I am a huge huge huge lover of coats! They are my favourite! And the key piece which makes autumn my absolute favourite season!

I could ramble on for pages and pages about coats but lucky for you lot I have narrowed my love down to just two : a recent gift and a current lust 

This black cape coat was a birthday gift from my mum and I am in love! The fur collar is removable and you can comfortably wear jumpers underneath which is always a must for me!

I recently was browsing in Cos and came across this coat. And I know its another removable collar but I just love that concept! I love the idea of removing a collar and wearing whatever scarf you fancy!

3. Ankle Boots 

I do love a boot, me and my mum both share this love, its our favourite type of footwear. I particularly love an ankle boot! They look great with both skirts and trousers. These are an annual favourite.


4. All things fur

I am a lover of all things fur from coats to accessories! And autumn is the perfect time to wear them because fingers crossed it is dry and the fur doesn't begin to matte in the rain. 

I have two fur gilets and I adore them, they are perfect for autumn as its not quite cold enough to wear your fur coat but its not warm enough to go jacketless, so thats why we wear a gilet!! like this one mine are from Topshop and were £65 but they are worth it!!

I am also currently OBSESSED with these faux fur key chains! They are super super cute! And just to die for! I own two, I have one for my car keys which makes them SO easy to find in my hectic handbag and I have another one for moving from handbag to handbag! They just add a cute personal touch and are so soft! Both of mine are from Dune but now you can get them pretty much anywhere! 

5. Mini skirts 

Who else is happy mini skirts are back? I am I am! I especially love  mini skirts with thick black tights and an ankle boot! And luckily the options are endless is shops just now!

I personally have this suede one from Zara and I LOVE!!! I would have shown you my own and how I style it but I'm and idiot and spilt JD glaze on it when out for lunch and its currently in the dry cleaners! BE CAREFUL WITH SUEDE! I love to team this with a thin black knit jumper and the fur gilet above, its perfect for autumn

6. Fringe 

I really like this trend, its a fun way of turning a staple piece into so much more. And the options are endless ( a boot, a bag, a skirt, a waistcoat, a jacket)

I love this jacket from once again Zara! Its just so cool and fun and honestly something I wouldn't normally wear! But I think it would look really cool with the skirt in 5. and some ankle boots!

7. Maroon 

In my eyes maroon is just such an autumnal colour and I have a bit of bag lust at the moment. Also brand lust to be honest! Fossil currently have a maroon line and one piece is nicer than the other!

This bag is gorgeous and will be my next splurge. I love it and its very practical as it has many compartments and a shoulder strap!

I also love this watch to match the bag (if you are a dork like me) I love the strap and the detail on the face of the watch!! It's just so pretty

Check out Fossil's autumnal colours they are gorgeous!!

That's all from me this time, promise to be more regular with my posts




Sunday, 19 July 2015

American Purchases LookBook !!


I have just returned from a fantastic three week trip to California and took trips to San Diego and Los Angeles. And then we moved on to Las Vegas Nevada which was a first for me and I was blown away. Las Vegas is amazing and has so many wonderful shops and things to see!!

I thought I'd show you some of the looks I chose to wear in Vegas and you can get a snippet of what is a truly amazing city! Vegas is a dessert so it is 40+ degrees! So light weight, loose fitting clothing is key! I recommend to any of you visiting, to keep clothing loose and light, to stay hydrated at all times, to wear a minimum of factor 30 and to try and keep to the shade! I've never felt heat like it!

Anyway enough of me rambling, lets see some clothes!!

This is just an example of the kind of detail and elaboration that is in Vegas hotels,

This is the lobby to the hotel I stayed in, I personally thought it was so pretty and colourful and got me very excited for the weekend ahead! 

Look one 

I apologise that this is not a close photo but as well as showing you my pretty dress I wanted to show you this amazing display IN THE MIDDLE of my hotel!

I bought is dress in America last year in Banana Republic, this is one of my favourite shops and it features a lot in this post! I love this dress cause its a fun take on the LWD (little white dress) which is a key piece for any girls summer wardrobe ! I love the bold pink hem! And the dress stands alone!

Banana Republic

The sandals I am wearing are

I purchased these sandals on this trip to, from a department store called Target, this is Merona line. 
They are so simple and cute. I strongly believe that bows are always a good idea! I lived in these whilst I was holiday.  

Look 2

This is one of my favourite purchases from my trip its a white shirt from Banana Republic once again!
I love it, I think its really pretty and easy to wear. 
I've teamed this with a washed out denim shirt and tanned heeled ankle boosts to give it some edge and to protect my feel from the lovely Scottish climate. 
Here's a closer look at my Topshop boots 

Look 3

These shorts are from the G.A.P 
Not a usual shop I go into, however my mum was popping in and I decided to try these shorts on. They are super comfy!! I love them and I would normally wear there with my topshop blouse not tucked in as it is a more flattering look but for a few view of the shorts I tucked it in.
Once again these are my target sandals 

Look 4

My final look is my favourite! Its a playsuit from Banana Republic!
I love that its made big and I think its so flattering! Its perfect for lunch with the girls teamed with a pair of pumps or sandals, a day at work teamed with some heels (tights too if you wish) or a night out for some drinks with some  wedges like i have styled here!
My wedges have been on so many nights out with me, I've had them for three years I think. I bought them in New Look and they are super super comfy.

To add a pop of colour I have teamed this look with my green Ted Baker handbag which I LOVE. It's also currently on sale!!!

Thank you for reading and I hope you liked my looks!!

Have a great week 


Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Style Of The Day

Recently I went out for dinner and drinks and i just really loved my look!
I am obsessed with bomber jackets I think they can be a really fun smart casual look! And this embroidered one is just amazing! The jacket is quite an expensive splurge! But I always believe if an expensive purchase is neutral it can become a staple piece in your wardrobe and worth the money. Talking about neutral staples the same applies to my handbag! I have had this bag for two years and despite its gut wrenching price tag it was worth every single penny! I chose a tan colour as I knew it would go with most outfits I put on and two years down the line its still a top pick of mine.

Jacket - Ted Baker

Dress - Topshop

Heels - Topshop

Bag - Mulberry

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Fashion Inspirations

Over the years I have gathered many fashion inspirations, some timeless classics and others just a current obsession.

Firstly we have the incredible timeless and beautiful miss Audrey Hepburn 

Audrey's style will live throughout time, she is a symbol woman of any age can turn to. She has effortless class and beauty! A little black dress and a set of pearls will never date! Just like Audrey 

Secondly, Grace Kelly 

Grace Kelly in my eyes is complete perfection, she never had a hair out of place and was always poised! Something that has always appealed to me and the type of woman I hope to be.

Thirdly we have my first proper inspiration and this is the Olsen Twins

I love these girls style! I love their bohemian chic. I genuinely believe they can pull any look off! 
The Olsen twins started the collection of fashion books I now have all over my bedroom! Their book "Style Secrets  .... what to wear and how to wear it" taught me the basics of fashion and really set the ball in motion for finding my very own style!

Next up is the beautiful California girl Lauren Conrad

I love Lauren for a number of reasons! I loved her in The Hills (she was always my favourite) I loved her for leaving to create her line. Her life was my dream (to work for a magazine) I still want to be Lauren! I love her line for Kohls, especially her Cinderella line! Who doesn't want to be a princess!
Lauren Conrad is the sole reason for my phase of wearing black nail varnish for a whole year. And know this was not a gothic phase but a chanel one ;) . Lauren Conrad has also released a series of novels, LA Candy and The Fame Game. I will leave a link for anyone interested! They are a great beach read.

 Lauren Conrad - LA Candy

But also Lauren was the next big edition to my fashion book collection. Lauren's book STYLE looks into basic fashion musts, how to style them. What best suits you, accessories and much much more! I still to this day sometimes have a look at Lauren's book for reference. She later came out with the book BEAUTY which the title explains it's self and another book I still refer to.

Lauren Conrad - Style
Lauren Conrad - Beauty

I will quickly go through the next few ( I don't want to bore you)

Olivia Palermo

I just think Olivia is the queen of style! I don't think I have ever thought "I don't like" what she is photographed in!!

Louise Roe 

I just love her style! But I also love her resume, she has worked for InStyle and Vogue and also E! amongst other things! I really would love her career! 

She is also the latest edition to my fashion book collection and a recommended read 

Front Roe

And finally, a current favourite of mine is Lucy Watson from Made In Chelsea 

I just think she is cool and has encouraged me to wear trainers more and jeans and slouchy sweatshirts!

Thank you for reading! Let me know if we share any inspirations or any of your own! Always looking for more



Hello!! I am Fashion Obsessed!!!


Welcome to my little space on the internet! 

I would like to introduce myself and just say a little bit about what this blog is going to be about. 

My name is Emma Baxter and I am a Marketing student from Glasgow, Scotland. I love all things fashion. I'm a little bit obsessed!!!

Ever since my very early memories I knew I loved all things fashion and beauty. I also had a love for interior design. I remember my grandma had a large cupboard just filled with shoes every colour, style and height imaginable. It was from the moment I opened this cupboard and smelt the leather and put my little feet into the shoes, I knew there was something special about shoes and clothes. I also have inherited a love for handbags from my mum. Something takes my breath away when I walk into a handbag department! I can't help myself I want it all! Also from a young age I loved watching home transformation programmes! I would walk around my grans flat draping silk scarves in her living room pretending I was Linda Barker! I've always liked my room being pretty and buying bits and bobs for it (its grown rather crowded) This is another wonderful quality my mum has passed down. Our house is so beautifully decorated, she really has an eye. When I move out I really hope I create an equally as beautiful space as she has.I know I must achieve a career in fashion and over time I hope this happens. Styling would be the ultimate dream. But for now I want to share my own little knowledge online.

So this blog will look into latest trends, some outfit of the days, opinions on some celebrity styles, some beauty tips, opinions on products and just overall thoughts. 

I promise this will not be a purely text blog!! I just haven't contained any pics in this post as its just a brief introduction.

I really hope this reaches even a few people and helps or interests them