Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Hello!! I am Fashion Obsessed!!!


Welcome to my little space on the internet! 

I would like to introduce myself and just say a little bit about what this blog is going to be about. 

My name is Emma Baxter and I am a Marketing student from Glasgow, Scotland. I love all things fashion. I'm a little bit obsessed!!!

Ever since my very early memories I knew I loved all things fashion and beauty. I also had a love for interior design. I remember my grandma had a large cupboard just filled with shoes every colour, style and height imaginable. It was from the moment I opened this cupboard and smelt the leather and put my little feet into the shoes, I knew there was something special about shoes and clothes. I also have inherited a love for handbags from my mum. Something takes my breath away when I walk into a handbag department! I can't help myself I want it all! Also from a young age I loved watching home transformation programmes! I would walk around my grans flat draping silk scarves in her living room pretending I was Linda Barker! I've always liked my room being pretty and buying bits and bobs for it (its grown rather crowded) This is another wonderful quality my mum has passed down. Our house is so beautifully decorated, she really has an eye. When I move out I really hope I create an equally as beautiful space as she has.I know I must achieve a career in fashion and over time I hope this happens. Styling would be the ultimate dream. But for now I want to share my own little knowledge online.

So this blog will look into latest trends, some outfit of the days, opinions on some celebrity styles, some beauty tips, opinions on products and just overall thoughts. 

I promise this will not be a purely text blog!! I just haven't contained any pics in this post as its just a brief introduction.

I really hope this reaches even a few people and helps or interests them 



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